My Story

Hello, my name is Rick, I am the owner of Twin Hills Commercial Cleaning LLC. My cleaning experience started back in the 90s with a small company that cleaned Walgreens stores all over the Metro city area. I eventually moved on to another cleaning service that cleaned big box stores such as Target. I was locked in the store all night with two other employees and we tackled jobs like sweeping, collecting all the trash in the store, mopping, vacuuming, and using a propane buffer that REALLY put a shine on the floor. Unfortunately, jobs like these do not pay as well as I would have liked, so I moved on to another job that paid better (nothing to do with cleaning).

I eventually got back into cleaning helping out my uncle with his cleaning business where I learned a lot more from scrubbing, buffing and waxing hard surface floors for starters. We cleaned all types of businesses from production plants, manufacturing warehouses, real estate offices, medical facilities, etc.

In Nov. 2000, I met Jolene and we were married in Oct 2001, quick decision I know. I didn’t want her to get away ;). She has been a blessing. My life got on the fast track after a few years of being married, I joined the local volunteer fire dept. in 2006, enlisted in the Army the same year, and after 6 years I left with Honorable discharge, 2 years in IRR. I graduated fire college and became a certified firefighter after passing all of my firefighter classes. I decided I wanted to work on an ambulance and received my emergency medical technician license in 2007 (EMT-B). 

After a couple years doing this I realized this job was not for me, I was interested in becoming a full-time firefighter, but my age prevented that from happening. So, I became a police officer after graduating Police Academy in 2010, but in 2012 I resigned for a better job opportunity. Currently I am a contracted security officer for Department of Homeland Security and Federal Protective Service (FPS).

As I held each of these jobs, I learned more than just the obvious job duties. I learned that first impressions are everything, from the work you perform to the way you present yourself in uniform. The neatness of your uniform, cleanliness of your patrol car, ambulance, barracks, or firestation all create an impression. Through these careers and being the owner of a commercial cleaning business I have learned and accepted the fact that you will be critiqued on not only what you do and your work ethic, but also your appearance. When this happens make sure you give them nothing to criticize. This is the reason I always have the “attention to detail” work ethic.

At Twin Hills Commercial Cleaning LLC I ensure that we will give you that same attention to detail and the professional look that goes with it so that you can always give your best first impression.